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Home of Custom Energy Saving Products

Reduce Dependence on Expensive Oil and Gas Products Now!

Let the Federal Government help you get your home as "Green" as possible. Our Windows and Solar products qualify for tax rebates that can help you save money. Click HERE to find out more!!!

Let us visit your home for a Solar Site Survey to outfit you with a state of the art Schuco Solar Hot Water System. We can also give you a free estimate on replacing your old, inefficient windows with our superior Triple Glass Vinyl Replacements The insulation value, or R-Value, is a nominal R-10 which is DOUBLE most leading replacement windows on the market. Don't need windows? How about relaxing in one of our custom built Solar Patio Rooms? Our Thermal Industries Dreamspace is built using high quality materials and uses the best windows available on the market. Perfect for use as extra living space or just a sunny insect-free retreat on a summer day.
What about installation? No sub-contractors here. All our crews are uniformed, non-smoking professional employees. With experience in the industry since 1989, why choose anyone else? Let us help you turn your residence into a home of distinction.

Here's a Little Information on Some of Our High Quality Products...

Our Schucco Solar products are a German engineered product new to the United States in 2006. Our Solar Hot Water Systems are an affordable solution to to rising energy costs. Unlike other solar systems, all of our components are designed to work together. From the collectors to the line set, all the way to our 80 or 105 gallon tank, everything has been precision engineered to work together, even during a NH winter! For more information, please visit the solar section of our site.

Our high-quality vinyl replacement windows are a product designed and manufactured by Thermal Industries. Their full line of double hung, bow, bay, and garden windows are custom made from top quality virgin vinyl. These windows are the finest on the market. With almost endless custimization options and superior R-10 Triple glass available, they are a distinguished choice for any replacement or remodel project.

Dreamspace Patio Room:
The Thermal Industries Dreamspace combines style, quality and functionality to make the most impressive patio room available. All rooms are built of revolutionary foam panels with aluminum extrusions to make the room warm in the winter and cool in the summer. When our Low-E Triple Glass is added you are left with a wonderful room that will survive whatever mother nature throws at it and provide a comfortable living space for you and your family. - Home of Custom, Energy Saving Products

Click on the sun to find out more about our Solar Energy Services!

Products From Leading Manufacturers

We provide full financing options to get you the finest quality Solar Systems and Energy Star qualified windows and doors. From manufacturers like Thermal Industries, Harvey Industries, Schuco, Therma-Tru and many more. We specialize in customer service before, during and after the sale.

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